How Yemeni people can be !

yemen flag

Last Friday I was supposed to leave Sanaa heading to Aden around 7:30 pm but as usual with the Yemenia flights u have to be prepared for the worst ….. after delaying our flight for almost 5 times and one passenger was crying as she is about to lose her residency visa in Saudi arabia if she couldn’t reach it on Saturday with her kids so she will have to pay around 40 thousands Saudi rials to get another one for each . and another one is going to Aden to have her university exam in the morning ! as the clock was pointing to midnight the situation got even worst.. with elderly people and kids under the age of 6 who really need to sleep but there but with no place to even set ! some of them were sleeping on the cold floor and the elderly people were complaining as well and al what we were hearing are 2 things … either the flight had been delayed because yet we don’t know where is the plane !!?? or “people please be patient ” !!

there was this young man 18-21 maximum who was setting on a wheelchair-handicap- he was so quite and peaceful with a  handsome face and a very high morals  … we all could tell that he was in pain as we heard that he just had a surgery ….. so when the time was nearly 2:45 am they announced that the plane is ready to take us , after boarding we all just fall in sleep for the 45 minutes journey from Sanaa to Aden all exhausted and tired , and suddenly while we were taking our luggage we heard a big “zaffa” some guys were celebrating as it was a wedding ceremony with the Adeny’s style at the arrivals ‘ gate …. then we just knew that they were waiting since 7:30 pm for their friend in the wheelchair as he had a surgery in Jordan after getting injured during the breaking in of the military against the Freedom Square in Aden .

his friends were waiting to welcome him under Aden’s bad circumstances starting of the unbearable heat ending with waiting for more than 6 hours until he arrived around 4 am without knowing whither he will make it and come or not .. so with such a spirit all pain and tiredness we had during this time just vanish , how wonderful , kind, friendly  Yemeni people can be !

yemen flag


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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