what if ?

Today my aunt and I had this Conversation …. 

My aunt:I hate this bad political and social crises in Yemen …if everything will be OK upon Ali’s return i guess as what his supporters say , then let it be ! we had enough!

Me explaining to her : how this will affect us? … the youth i mean , especially the ones at the squares?? It will be a Mass grave to everyone participated in the protests .

My aunt :  ” but if Ali can control everything and get us back the fuel and gas again then why not ! at least his supporters will calm down and leave us live peacefully again

Me:   what if he died ? she answered : then he died ! what else they can do ? i added , they will fight again to get his son to be the president and no other choice .

My aunt :  yelling  ,,, noooo wayyyyy we dont want the same family again and again  !

So simply I told her lets hang on until the end as the blood of the Martyrs won’t be wasted for nothing

By ,

Nuha Gamal 


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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One Response to what if ?

  1. Maha Salim says:

    Its true, sometimes people forget the blood of our martyrs and they rather replace it by gas or food. (see the small aim not the main goal) Don’t worry Nuha….It wont be wasted 🙂

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