Give them half a chance !

What I really don’t understand is Clinton’s objection or the USA’s objection represented by Clinton ! how comes the country of “Freedom of speech and the country which claims to be the world’s leader and the Freedom supporter and the Justice defender ! how comes they are asking the UNESCO to pull back their vote for Palestine for the membership or else their action will lead to Budget Reduction  ; so is that a clear threaten ?

USA let me tell you something ! let them vote for whatever they want or for whatever side they think it’s right  ;  as long as you were the one who gave them this right to vote ! I guess you are nothing different from Ali Abdullah Saleh ! two faces for the same coin … I guess Saleh was a good student !!

I think USA is blackmailing UNISCO over Palestine membership.This is way out of line. just give them even half a chance which was given to Israel ! i guess they deserve so !


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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