Barbie dolls . . .

Today I am really frustrated ! what’s wrong with our Arab youth ! all what they do think of is their outfits or new look ! and mostly they do rate each other with the phone they have !!!

I definitely understand that people are categorized into many categories but I don’t understand when the Banality is one of these categorizes !

few months back I joined some few  girlish groups on Facebook and that’s when I started wondering am I a female or not ! all what they are talking about and discussing is their beauty !! they ask where can they buy a Gucci original bag or Christian Dior’s Mascara ! wake up girls ! and  how about looking for a bank account to donate for Somalia with only 5 % of  Gucci’s bag for another female in Somalia to feed her child . or how about visiting the IDP’s in your area as Yemen is full of IDP’s now !

why don’t they get involved in social works ? if they can’t donate their money then donate your time and do some voluntary work ! your country need it …. Yemen need it !
yet I can’t believe my experience in that Facebook group ! Blondes of Yemen  ! that’s all what I can say about it …..

either I got the wrong definition of being a female or they understand it in the wrong way ….. how to fix your hair how to match your makeup with your outfit , what eye shadow suits you the most …. I know that ; as a girl I have to ask and do all of these things but not 24/7 !

If these interests for being a girl;  then what’s the interests for being a human being ? Live your Life! Life isn’t just being in a house treated like a Barbie doll … don’t be just like a furniture to decorate your husband’s house with … be a piece of art and amaze the whole world with your thoughts !  life is to know how to live it ! and also life is about how to take and most of all how to GIVE specially when it comes to your community and environment please don’t be selfish toward them  . .

P.S  I am just expressing my unorganized thoughts


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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6 Responses to Barbie dolls . . .

  1. aisha says:

    how wonderful your unorganized thoughts are…..

  2. love it love it .. proud to know you Nuha and even more proud to be a friend of yours .. and as a girl who think of her self to have an interest in cosmetics and beauty stuff and even worked in a women saloon I am telling you that what you are talking about is not normal and can be called a disease and low self awareness .. you are more than a beautiful young lady you are amazing and a real lady cause being a female is a huge burden and a big bless in the same time because as a female wither to be a human or not means that you have to take care of people around you and be the wheel that drives every thing in the right direction the female I believe that we are meant to take back after we give .. these girls know nothing about life and how to live any way who am I to judge but I am just like you thinking that there are better things to do with their time and money and if they don’t want to serve others or their country they can use it to develop themselves in another way spiritually and mentally to be a better person to have a hobby a productive one to take care of them selves from inside not only outside by polishing the surface…
    we are the life’s’ school my friend I hope they find out before is too late and life or even death slaps them in the face..
    love your thoughts dear keep bringing them out and I will be tuning on your channel 🙂

  3. i cant read this post and didn’t leave a comment
    first congrats for the post
    second that’s really what are we but we have to change coz if we don’t we will not do anything to of country,community,family or even ourselves, i talk about the males and the females coz we have some
    stupid man stuffs 🙂

    • nuhagamal says:

      you are right Mohammed , it is for both Males and Females … so because you brought up this issue then i am waiting for your blog about you soon inshallah 🙂
      P.S thanks for your lovely comment dear !

  4. You are an amazing thinker. I truly love this piece and the way you think. As a young lady myself, I truly appreciate your words because it comes from the heart. You are absolutely right in every word. Girls that do those things 24/7 have low self-esteem. If they can help those in need, even in Yemen, with a fraction- it would do so much. Your a bright girl, and I so appreciate your heart towards humanity and reality! Bravo! (: You followed me on Twitter (@SummerNasser) and once I saw you on my list, automatically loved your bio! I will definitely vote for you! Any day, anytime.

    PS- Your English is great!

  5. Dear nuha,

    every word was from the heart and i know exactly what you mean but here is the point. We are maybe few but we can make a difference. i won’t lie and say that i do not take care of how i look or what should i wear weather its a make thing or style thing but at the end i know what is right and what is wrong and and the most important thing is to find the balance deep inside you.

    Why don’t you start with some of theses Barbies that you know try to engage them with the community and social work try to bring them to the right bath instead of judging on them. Believe me it is important as much as the other things that you do to lead people and to let them know that there are many other things in life more important than being a barbie.

    So will you do the first step to bring them to real world?

    Naida Gamal

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