A Southern Yemeni Girl (Thoughts-part 1)


As a young yemeni girl who is seeking for a new change , freedom of speech and above all Real DEMOCRACY , I really believe in the Southern case and its demands but not the separation .  we’ve been through a lot in southern Yemen specially where i am from Aden as it was one of the best cities in the Arabian peninsula and we all know what it turned to be and for those who don’t know ; it turned to be a piece of crap but wait a minute … isn’t it the same thing in all Yemen !

To be fair and honest with myself and others ,  Yemen is nothing but 2 parts united together to create a new united Yemen and one part  of them (southern) had lost all its elements as a part of this unity ! lost its dignity and left out as a margin BUT again above all now it is one Yemen ! the regime was the bad guy not the northern people  ! so lets give it another chance lets give ourselves as one nation another chance because the whole country needs to rise up .

The demands which claiming for the separation is becoming so annoying  specially as they are speaking on behalf of all the southern people ! who gave them the right anyway ! i am a yemeni girl from the south but i want the Unity ! so you can’t say all southern people demanding for sepraton !

And now they running this TV Channel calling for sepration called “Aden Live”                          who’s behind it ? and why ? don’t tell me the people ! as they can’t effort their daily basic needs ;  so how about a TV channel !! C’mon people  ! until when you’ll remain as puppets for the Dirty Political players ! Wake Up Southern Educated People please !

Yemen needs a new suite although to be fair the capital should move to Aden to continue with the Untiy we need a Federal system and no doubt that we will face a lot of challenges to get over all the Obstacles that the previous regime plant within the people but I believe afterword we would leave like Fairy Tales happily ever after ( I might sound extra enthusiastic but this is what i call the Real Change’s spirit ! )

Child’s headband reads in Arabic, “One Yemen


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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One Response to A Southern Yemeni Girl (Thoughts-part 1)

  1. Ashraf says:

    Amazing talk, totally agree ^_^ keep it up with the spirit

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