60 Thousands job opportunity !

Late April , the Government of Yemen announced new 60,000 job opportunity !

So here i’ll tell you  how one of the Registration days goes after the announcement ….. 

Today my sister and I went to the Ministry of Works’ Office in Aden and it was over crowded  just to deliver a file ! we were thinking of queuing with all these people ! but suddenly we heard that not all  applications to be submitted there as usual , because of what happened last week – when the job seekers were about to destroy the place just to get close to the window where they can put their files ! –  everyone should go to the  Local Council of his district .. so it took us another half an hour to reach our new destination ….

Once we reached  Khormaksar’ Local council -as it is our district – we got into that huge building asking where to go , one of the security pointed  at a room at the end of the hall … I got shocked ! around a hundred applicant- maybe more maybe less- were squeezing themselves in a very small room with Aden’s hot weather  waiting to hear their names to give the staff the original file  .. I waited outside the room but my sister was in it with the others … many of the girls were there with their husbands or mothers or any relative just for their safety ! men were mixed with women suddenly they just got mad and for a second I thought they were walking on each other !!! everyone was complaining because of the staff .. they should start at 8 but they didn’t ! they were having their Breakfast .. so they started the actual work around 09:45 first they worked on the delayed files from last week and around 12 PM they started with today’s files ,, once the clock pointed at 01:00 PM they asked everyone to evacuate the office coz it was the end of the day for them !!
people got really mad and started to shout out loud ,  men gone mad , women started shouting some of the staff asked for money in order to remain to finish the rest ! they wanted the applicants to pay them for lunch and Qat ! some of the applicants started collecting the money but some just refused .

With all this anger the security and some of the national security were there just in the middle watching … I started yelling asking them to leave the room with their big guns , saying :  if you  have nothing to do but to watch the women so please just leave I have a  phobia toward guns and lots of kids are here so please just leave if there is no need for you in here  .  One of them started arguing me  but his fellow just asked him to leave so I felt more secure when they just gone .
later After the small battle of throwing the chairs and tables plus  some of  applicants weren’t respecful  at all with the opposite gender . the staff asked everyone else who  left in the room to write down his/her name and return tomorrow morning  ……

But guess what ! they’ve lost tens of the applicants’ files and my sister’s was one of ’em … how dramatic it  is with  whatever process goes in Yemen …. and after this small war inside this office and other tens of offices they will take only 25% of all the announced job ! how sad !
At the end I am just wondering .. why this time  ? why this huge amount of jobs ?? where were all these jobs …. when people were suffering of unemployment for decades ?? is it just to take the people out of the Change squares around Yemen and get them into this very long unuseful procedure ?
hopefully all of our wonders will be answered so soon 🙂

By ,

Nuha the Revolutionary 🙂


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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One Response to 60 Thousands job opportunity !

  1. Mary says:

    Frequently, the government plays with people politically. This type of play is very dirty. Diclaring that 60 thousand jobs available when most of the youth are joining the protestors is something rediclous. This is just to divert the attention of the youth. The definit employment will be coming soon after the revolution. IN-SHA-ALLAH. Good luck to you then. You may be the anticipated president.

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