A Martyr funeral ….

Few days back we got the bad news …… Ghasan our neighbour died after suffering for a  week at the hospital struggling for his life …. this young man was shooted by the national security … what was his guilt ??

lets move to his friends and family …. we do live in Malla (Main Street)  . . . which is blocked by the protesters from  the  first week of the revolution after the first attack on Malla .. they decided to make the funeral on Friday Apr.29th.11  after the Noon prayer time at the Main Street of Malla … so about 60-70 young people divided themselves into groups started to clean all the mess on the Main street for Ghasan’s big day to be crowned as another Martyr of the Change revolution .

everything was ready for his funeral it was so majestic … later they had a peaceful march from Malla to Crater to bury his body  …. May Allah bless his soul .


Nuha the Revolutionary


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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2 Responses to A Martyr funeral ….

  1. alialshaibi says:

    Very nice nuha keep it up

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