A new era Begun

After 21 years of being untied- south and north of Yemen -under the name of Republic of Yemen , this is my first time as a southern citizen started to feel that we are really untied !

I’ve always had the feeling that there is something wrong and we are not in the same country . different dialects  , different traditions and somehow a totally different culture specially because of the tribal system in the northern areas …

After me being at the Chagne square in Sanaa for the first few weeks of the Yemeni revolution as an Adeni girl i said to myself    “hey wait a minute look at these northern Yemenis ! we do share a lot of common things ! ” and yes we do share the same love toward our beloved Yemen . so here is  a new era begun from deep within me .. so now i can say it proudly let us shine toward a real civil life with our brothers and sisters from all over Yemen we are the New Change .

Proudly ,

Nuha the Revolutionary 🙂


About nuhagamal

A young lady who believes that she can be the first female President of her country .
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2 Responses to A new era Begun

  1. Nohitta says:

    well done Nuha .. keep it up .

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